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First Persona 5 Gameplay!

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Looks like we finally get to see what the new Persona 5 will be like. The trailer for Persona 5 has just dropped from Atlus and being a Persona fan I'm very excited. Based off what we have seen in the trailer you are ...

Xbox One will Stream Games to Windows 10!

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So it looks like Sony isn't the only one who is bringing streaming into their platforms. Yesterday Microsoft announced that on Windows 10 people will be able to stream their Xbox one games on their Windows 10 PCs, tab...

Is The Mad Catz L.Y.N.X 9 Controller Worth It?

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CES is in full swing and one of the cool things on display was the Mad Catz L.Y.N.X 9 mobile hybrid controller for Android tablets and smartphones. The controller design reminds me of an Xbox One and PS4 controller. A...

Smite Beta Registration Open For Xbox One

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A couple of months ago we learned that Smite would be coming to the Xbox One. Well, it looks like it will be here soon and to celebrate that, Hi-Rez Studios has started the sign-up process for the beta. To sign up for...

Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 Teased!

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Lately we have been getting some good horror games from 2014. Such as "The Evil Within", "Outlast" and "Daylight". But the most successful horror Indie game has to be Five Nights at Freddy's. Five Nights at Freddy'...

PlayStation Now Available January 13th

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PlayStation Now is a week away from finally being available. The service is going to launch on the PS4 first, with all other compatible devices following after. Since it's beta release, it looks like Sony has changed ...

Hatred is back on Steam GreenLight.

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    Hatred is the most controversial game that was announced this year, but it was removed from Steam's community Greenlight earlier this week. Doug Lombardi,a rep from Valve said that "Based on what w...

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The Indie Route | Rap Artist: Garrett (Interview)

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SUBSCRIBE! ► APPLY TO FULLSCREEN ► We speak with Garrett about his upcoming album, Heavily Influenced, and get his insight on the project. For more on Garrett, visit h...

IRONCAST: A Tough, But Addictive Gaming Experience (Review)

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SUBSCRIBE! ► APPLY TO FULLSCREEN ► Here's our impressions and review of Ironcast, a turn-based puzzle combat game. Developed by Dreadbit, Published by Ripstone. ...

Damian Beurer (Bat In The Sun) Interview – Wizard World Cleveland 2015

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SUBSCRIBE! ► APPLY TO FULLSCREEN ► We got a chance to chat with Damian Beurer at Wizard World Cleveland 2015! We talked Bat in the Sun, Wizard World, Super Power Beat Dow...

Chris 51 (A&E Epic Ink) Interview – Wizard World Cleveland 2015

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Published on Feb 23, 2015 SUBSCRIBE! ► APPLY TO FULLSCREEN ► Chris 51 of was in attendance for Wizard World Cleveland 2015! Watch as Joshua and Chris 51 discuss Epic I...

Lou Ferrigno Interview – Wizard World Cleveland 2015

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SUBSCRIBE! ► APPLY TO FULLSCREEN ► Our very own Mikey Tommy interviews the legendary Lou Ferrigno, who is in town for Wizard World Cleveland 2015! ►

The Playstation Experience is Live!!!

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It's finally here! Watch the event live with us right now!

Tales From The Borderlands Review, PlayStation 20th Anniversary, The Crew’s Potential | Nerd Raw

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DISCLAIMER: This episode was shot December 4th, 2014 In today's episode of Nerd Raw, we review episode one of Tales of Borderlands by TellTale Games, discuss The Crew and it's online potential. and celebrate PlaySt...

Watch The Game Awards Here Tonight!

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The Game Awards will be airing tonight at 9pm ET and you can watch it live here with us!

What's Popular This Week!

Sony E3 2013 Press Conference: PS4 Wins? | N.W.P Reviews

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How did Sony fare with there conference at E3 2013? SUBSCRIBE! ► FOLLOW US on Dailymotion! ► TWITCH! ► ----------------------------------------...

The Evil Within, Mega Ran, Prodigy The Game, & Midwest Media Expo | PAX East 2014 | NERD RAW!

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From PAX East 2014, we take a look at Prodigy The Game, music with Random (aka Mega Ran), Joker goes in on IGN and their opinion of The Evil Within, and what we'll be up to in Detroit at Midwest Media Expo! SUBSCRI...

Hearthstone “Cheating” Scandal at DreamHack Tournament

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  Competitive Hearthstone player Radu "RDU" Dima won the DreamHack tournament, but to many it comes with an asterisk. During his match with Jason "Amaz" Chan, observers saw RDU receive an in-game message t...

Cuphead: Vintage Art Wrapped In A Run and Gun

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During Microsoft's press conference at E3, we were shown a very quick video of some of the indie titles hitting Xbox One in 2014/2015 and one of the titles that immediately caught my attention was Cuphead. The fac...

Hauppauge Colossus: How To Record PC Desktop WITH AUDIO! | N.W.P

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I show you a way to record your desktop PC with the Hauppauge colossus with audio.  This is specifically with the Hauppauge Colossus. If it doesn't apply to you, there are other ways as well. ...

Dragon Ball Z: Imperfect Cell Theme Hip-Hop Remix: “I Am Imperfect”

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SUBSCRIBE! ► APPLY TO FULLSCREEN ► VOTE! Who win's this episode

Buy A PS4 For $275 At GameStop

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GameStop has been promoting heavily on it's Twitter account that you can get a $125 credit towards a new PS4 when you trade-in a PS3 (20GB or greater) or an Xbox 360 (250GB or greater). That means your PS4 would be $2...

N.W.P Beats | What Trap Music Sounds Like To Your Parents.. | Produced By: K.V Anime

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So what does trap music sound like to your parents? SUBSCRIBE! ► FOLLOW US on Dailymotion! ► TWITCH! ► ----------------------------------------...

Nintendo Doesn’t Think Streaming Is Fun

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This week at E3, Polygon asked the President of Nintendo of America, Reggie Fils-Aime, whether Twitch was coming to the Wii U and his response was "We don't think streaming 30 minutes of gameplay by itself is a lot of...